brain drain

after a lot of resistance (and i mean A LOT), i finally decided to use a blog to document my life over the past few months and to record my stroke recovery. 

why resistance? well, i've never wanted to have a personal blog. maybe it's because i write all day at work and that's the last thing i want to do in my free time. maybe i'm not good at finishing projects or keeping journals. or maybe it's because i don't consider my thoughts and the goings-on in my life to be noteworthy enough to have their own space on the interwebs (aside from facebook, of course). when i got over all the reasons why i shouldn't make a blog, i came to the conclusion that, after all that has happened this year, there are actually a ton of good reasons why i should: 

 - writing out what has happened to me will be good for my recovery -- and maybe even for somebody facing a similar circumstance 
- i know i'm going to want to remember specifics about this experience. if i don't write them down, i'll probably forget
- speaking of writing: i can't use a pen very well yet, so typing a blog just makes sense
- instead of giving updates about my progress on Facebook like i have been doing (rather crappily!), this blog will help me keep my wonderful friends involved -- without the 420-character limit

admittedly, i'm writing this blog mostly for selfish reasons. hopefully, though, my readers will enjoy the experience as much as i will and maybe even gain a bit of wisdom or smile from time to time. thanks in advance for reading! :]


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! To be honest, it is the best idea for you personally and by the time you are A-OK again you can print it in to a book and have it forever! That alone is pretty cool!

  2. thanks, bridget! great to hear from you! and i totally plan on printing it all out to keep as a journal